James Mackler on the campaign trail

Attorney James Mackler is running for the Senate seat being vacated by Lamar Alexander.  He is a veteran who has served his country in that capacity and is now ready to step up and serve the people of Tennessee in the U.S. Senate.  This is...

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James Mackler announces Democratic bid for Lamar Alexander’s Senate seat

James Mackler, Attorney and former army fighter pilot announced his candidacy for the Senate seat that will be vacated by Lamar Alexander in 2020.[0]=68.ARD5lGAC3K1EwLhhtp_kzfnvQbpaybqOyDjJgJkiSyZ7dy07MRVS8NaN-QF5rU3T3CobT8uKcQdy2Y99unK1MwqK7Rj72-XClNoJWoCK0r_theiBUmQ36YsxYq28ooyFJpJFfPXsnkq2Mcj-kNcYyzMNRkuzsx80wFFCulORGEk6e-utjtuTf0vlbpsiU08a7e5zbeT_wYAaEAmKvpvwcfHi2RTmvWNm-U0eBPjmKWvs0Iu531QcoXe9ZwJpMmceuvPQcaa4r_zCK_tL01Lt1-h4IcDWboYPVFTPrwHsw2x_p1G8arSaMmDqsdCa9ZiYM-zkUPiv47Rfqcs1G87OikQqehebHdQfOdSZTKImcZKfm1AXHWPSZsxhdbcduYW_2UCoZrl_ipVrGnDyhsiNosqqxD_7dFUvKrGQPK7HMQx309ZhvAw6PZ2sb5D9UisnyZeJnoFbFEnVR2nJm_R4zyL40mYJ28HgFPKPIYlvGfTrTUP_-XT1i0U...

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Next meeting of the CCDP January 8, 2019

The January meeting of the Cheatham County Democratic Party will be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, January 8, in the Denney Room (2d floor) of the Pinnacle Bank, 524 South Main Street in Ashland City.  The somewhat fluid agenda is expected to include continued...

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