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Democratic Candidates for State Office

Cheatham County is in the 78th district of the state House and the 25th district of the state Senate.  This year the Democratic candidates are viable challengers to the Republican incumbents.


John Patrick is the Democratic candidate for State House.  John Patrick’s formative experiences started by being raised on a farm, and then devoting 35 years to public service.  Mostly, he served as a federal law enforcement officer: first as a Postal Inspector in Memphis and St. Louis and then as a Special Agent with the Office of Inspector General in Washington DC.  He also worked in his career as a financial and performance auditor of governmental programs, evaluating regional and national programs for fraud, waste, and abuse.  He knows where to look for crimes against the public welfare and how to ensure that government is efficient and accountable.  After retiring from government, John Patrick received a promotion: to being a young farmer again.  His family’s Cheatham County farm is a continuation of his public service – providing food for neighbors and preserving a productive piece of land for the last eight years.  This farm, near Ashland City, has truly enabled him to put down roots in this District as it faces the challenges and opportunities of the growing Middle Tennessee Region.  John’s vision for Tennessee includes expanding Medicaid, keeping rural hospitals open, access for all to broadband internet, comprehensive pre-K through college opportunities for all.




Wade Munday is running for State Senate.  Wade grew up in Sumner County, attended Trevecca Nazarene University, and earned a Masters of Divinity degree from Vanderbilt University. He was called to religion and public service thinking that he might become a minister or a missionary. After seeing so many politicians who turn public service into personal service, he decided that women and men like the ones he knew, honest and ethical folks, were the ones who need to run for office. So, he began working on campaigns and elections for ordinary folks across the nation and the state.   Wade is running on a vision of healthcare access for all, bringing more jobs to small towns, increasing the minimum wage and protecting our environment.