Law enforcement opposes gun bill being fast tracked in TN legislature

The majority of people in our state want gun violence reduced. A current proposal by Governor Lee is likely to do the opposite.
The Governor is supporting House Bill 2817/Senate Bill 2671, the permitless carry bill, which allows individuals to carry guns in public without taking any safety training.
What’s the problem with this bill? As a recent letter to the editor in the Tennessean states, ” As a handgun carry permit owner, I strongly disagree and have some observations to make…” He points out that the permit class is essential in teaching handgun safety and the legal ramifications if a person were to shoot another individual. He fears innocent people being killed or hurt. Another reader states, “Welcome to the Wild West. We already have a higher than average death rate in Tennessee from gun violence, especially among minors.”
ACTION: This bill is moving fast. Call your state senator and representative, as well as the Governor, and let them know you do not want permitless carry.