Partisanship Trumps Patriotism. TN Senator Marsha Blackburn (R) blocks bill to prevent foreign interference in our elections

On Thursday, Senator Mark Warner, D-NY introduced the Foreign Influence Reporting in Elections Act and asked for a vote on the measure.  The vote was objected to by Tennessee’s freshman senator, Marsha Blackburn, R-TN and the measure blocked.  Many interpret this move as Senator Blackburn doing the bidding of Majority Leader McConnell, R-KY.  McConnell has not allowed any legislation concerning election security to come up for a vote.  In doing so, he is enabling President Trump who has already expressed his willingness to accept “dirt” from a foreign entity and not report it to the FBI.

The Foreign Influence Reporting in Elections Act would give campaigns one week to report to the FEC any contacts with foreign nationals offering them donations, “coordination or collaboration,” or “an offer or provision of information or services.” The FEC then must pass on any reports of foreign interference to the FBI. Beyond that, the bill also requires campaigns to train their staffers on navigating the law and to certify to federal authorities that they are complying with the law.

There are Republicans ready to sign onto legislation that would protect the integrity of our elections if given the chance to vote.  Even Trump loyalist Lindsay Graham, R-SC, said “His idea sounds like a good one to me.”  Others, like Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA), expressed openness to backing Warner’s legislation too.

The security and integrity of our elections are the bedrock of our democracy.  It is not a partisan issue;  it is a patriotism issue.

If this infuriates you, call Sen Marsha Blackburn at (202) 224-3344.  Or email her here.