Action Alert–last chance to stop TISA

The Governor’s education plan TISA, supported by Bill Gates-funded organizations and backers of charter schools, has to go through the Senate Finance Committee this Tuesday morning April 26.

Emails to senators on the committee could make a difference. Also, write or call our legislators Rep. Mary Littleton ([email protected] (615-741-7477) and Sen. Kerry Roberts ([email protected]gov) (615-741-4499) to urge them to send the TISA bill to summer study. The bill is House Bill 2143/Senate Bill 2396).

Use these or your talking points:

  • The real problem is that our public schools are underfunded. TISA does nothing to solve that problem. It could cause local taxes to go up after 3 years.
  • As a formula, TISA is no better and far less transparent than the BEP. (comparison attached)
  • The only urgency for passing TISA is so Gov. Lee can pretend to be for public education during his reelection campaign.
  • The effects TISA will have are far from clear. Send it to summer study.
  • TISA takes too much authority away from the legislature. It delegates all the important decisions about the formula to the Education Commissioner. The Legislature should remain in control of the formula.

Senate Finance Committee

Sen. Todd Gardenhire, [email protected]

Sen. Brenda Gilmore, [email protected]gov

Sen. Ferrell Haile, [email protected]gov

Sen. Joey Hensley, [email protected]

Sen. Jack Johnson, [email protected]gov

Sen. Jon Lundberg, [email protected]gov

Sen. John Stevens, [email protected]gov

Sen. Bo Watson, [email protected]

Sen. Dawn White, [email protected]

Sen. Ken Yager, [email protected]

Sen. Jeff Yarbro, [email protected]