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Democracy is in peril if Mitch McConnell gains a majority in the Senate. We can prevent that from happening by helping Georgia send 2 Democrats to the United States Senate. Jon Ossoff is running against Republican Senator David Perdue and Rev. Raphael Warnock is running against Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler.  We must take action immediately. The Runoff Election Day is January 5,  2021 but new voter registration is open now and voters can request their absentee ballots. Early voting begins on December 14.  Georgia voters need this information.

Texting and calling voters is easy and fun via this online system. Texts are automatically generated at your fingertips and you control the interaction. Phone calls are dialed automatically and you are connected to the first voter who answers the call. Scripts are provided with various options, depending on the response you get.  It is so much easier than what we’ve done previously. If you’ve never cared for phone banking, you might really enjoy this once you give it a shot.

Instructions & Link:  Open this link, and you will see information about the Runoff Election. Scroll down to near the bottom of the page to “Volunteer In Georgia” . Sign up with your information and choose times. You will receive a brief training opportunity before your “event”.      

If you can make a campaign contribution to support these races and a fair election, join Stacey Abram’s efforts at