December 1, 2020 minutes

Cheatham County Democratic Party
Regular Monthly Meeting
December 1, 2020, 6:00 PM, Online
Call to Order: Chair L. Newcomb called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m with the pledge of allegiance.
Attendance: A quorum was present.
Present: Lynn Newcomb (P), John Patrick (VP), Jane Crisp (VP), Martha Wettemann (S), Roger Marriott (T), Karen Stell, Aric Storck, Kathryn Mitchem, Michael Lottman.
Absent and excused: Randy Fiedler (no electricity), Gerald Dooley (called wrong day) Elena Roser, Rick Johnson
Absent: Nicole Debaun-Phillips, Tony Gross
Vacancies: District 1, man and woman; District 2, woman; District 3, man; District 4: man; District 6, woman.
Guests: Jessica Arthur, Mathew Binkley.
Committee Sign-ups (committees are not limited to the Executive Committee):
Advocacy Committee: Jane Crisp, Nicole DeBaun-Phillips, Mike Lottman, Karen Stell, Martha Wettemann (chair).
Elections Committee: Kathryn Mitchem, Elena Roser(chair), Jane Crisp, Martha Wettemann, Jessica Arthur, John Patrick.
Events Committee (including Forums): Randy Fiedler, Roger Marriott (chair), Mike Lottmann, John Patrick, Linda McGee
Social/Print Media: Karen Stell, Mike Lottman
Approval of Minutes and Agenda for the Meeting: Motion by K. Mitchem/R. Marriott to approve the November minutes as edited with these changes: change Jane Crisp to absent and excused and that Linda McGee did not volunteer for the nominating committee. Motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report: R. Marriott reported our current balance is $3,632.88 (an increase of $245.41 over the month). He reported that people are using the ActBlue and mailing to CCDP at PO Box 414, Ashland City, 37015 (ActBlue website:
Chair’s Report: L. Newcomb reported we are moving ahead with the Young Democrats. There are two who participated in the Zoom call recently. If you know of others interested, please email the names to her. Another meeting will be held after the first of the year.
Vice Chair Report: J. Patrick said that with active COVID cases greater than 200 in Cheatham County, school (from kindergarten up) is all hybrid through the end of the year. He also reported on an opportunity with the School Board to have a third party owner (Jerome Carroll) finance solar panels on all the schools which would decrease the total electric bill by 10 percent and create 5-9 megawatts of power, more than any school system. He and Superintendent Beck are developing FAQs. This has been presented at a School Board work session. In the future this may be an opportunity for advocacy for us.
Committee Reports
Nominating Committee: Chair Newcomb, E. Roser, R. Johnson, and M. Wettemann are talking to potential new executive committee members. If you have names to suggest, please let the committee know. After the new TNDP chair is elected, they will set up a time for the county conventions. There will be Zoom meetings to meet the TNDP chair candidates, and we can talk to our representative Martha Shepherd. Candidates known to date are Kate Craig, Wade Munday, Linda Lamar, and Renee Hoyos.
Advocacy Committee: M. Wettemann discussed that people could write letters to Georgia voters this week for the Senate elections through She also discussed various individuals and groups advocating for a statewide mask mandate due to the increasing spread of COVID-19 in the state and the lack of a mask mandate by counties (only 1/3 of counties had mask mandates; 20 counties had positivity rates of at least 15 percent). On 11-23 the state had 50 deaths a day from COVID. Groups advocating for a mask mandate include, various county mayors, teachers’ groups, doctors, school administrators, NOAH (a racially diverse social action group including clergy, church and temple attendees, labor unions, etc.), and hospitals, among others. After discussion, K. Mitchem/R. Marriott moved that CCDP sponsor an online forum on the mask issue January 14 (alternate date January 28). The motion carried.
Event Committee: R. Marriott discussed the Pet Food collection planned to start the first weekend in December, to continue to a week after Christmas. R. Fiedler is making the boxes. Dollar General needs to be asked to participate, and a location is needed in Pleasant View.
New Business: J. Patrick noted that there will be a grant for Cheatham County cancer survivors to find out what they need- there are over 2,000 survivors in Cheatham County.
Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m by consensus.
Submitted by Martha Wettemann, Secretary
Email: [email protected] Website: