February 1, 2022 minutes

Cheatham County Democratic Party

Regular Monthly Meeting

February 1, 2022, Zoom


Present: John Patrick (VP), Elena Roser (VP), Martha Wettemann (S), Karen Stell (T), Lynn Newcomb (PP). Dist. 1, Prec. 1: Galen Gray, Rick Johnson, Roger Marriott.  Dist. 3: Ryan Philipp, Lynn Seifert, Lisa Walker. Dist. 5, Prec, 1,2: Randy Fiedler, Joanne Jaworski, Beth Ervin, Kathryn Mitchem.  Dist. 6, Prec. 6-1: Gerald Dooley, Michael Lottman.

Absent: Dist. 2, Prec. 2-2: Peggy Kilgore, Jack Kilgore, Randy Baker. Dist. 4: Dennis Barnes. Dist 5: Beth Ervin. Dist. 6: Jan Morrison.

Excused: Aric Storck(P), Karen Stell (T), Dist 1: Roger Marriott.  Dist. 4: Linda McGee.

Guests:  Krystle James.

Committees: (committees are not limited to the Executive Committee):

Advocacy Committee: Martha Wettemann (chair), Rick Johnson, John Patrick, Linda McGee.

Elections Committee: Elena Roser (chair), Kathryn Mitchem (phone banking), John Patrick, Martha Wettemann, Jan Morrison.

Events Committee (including Forums): Randy Fiedler (chair), Michael Lottman, Roger Marriott, Lynn Newcomb, Ryan Philipp (event planning/coordination), Karen Stell, Linda McGee.

Social/Print Media: Michael Lottman (print chair), Karen Stell (web site chair)(advocacy posting on web site), Beth Ervin (social media).

Nominating: L. Newcomb, Elena Roser (co-chairs). Membership/recruitment- Ryan Philipp.

Federation of Democratic Women:  Lynn Newcomb (chair), Joanne Jaworski.

Call to order: Vice Chair John Patrick called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m., followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Attendance: A quorum was present. Motion by M. Wettemann/G. Gray to excuse the people listed above as excused.  The motion was carried.

Approval of Minutes and Agenda for the Meeting. R. Johnson/ M. Lottman moved to approve the minutes of the last meeting and the agenda for the current meeting. The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer was absent and excused.

Committee Reports

Advocacy Committee: J. Patrick reported that the Cheatham County School District received a grant for a solar installation at Sycamore High School. There was a meeting with TVA on January 21 to start talking about contracts.  TVA said they are delighted to have this grant as it is good publicity for them. TVA will announce the grant this month. There is a 20 x 100 ft plot at the school over which the installation will be set up. Progress will be delayed until they complete an environmental and cultural review, probably by September or October. J. Patrick is also working with the School District on writing a request for a one-year planning grant to the USDA on Farm to School which would involve nutrition education, CTE, the FFA student association, and involvement from the Farm Bureau. Murfreesboro City Schools is a model.

  1. Wettemann reported that in the Governor’s State of the State speech he discussed having a formal agreement with Hillsdale College in Michigan to set up “civics” education (1776 curriculum) in Tennessee. This would likely involve charter schools. She pointed out that Hillsdale College sent her and others in the county and other states a newsletter with a lead article stating that the January 6 Insurrection was a Hoax. She pointed out the dangers of this policy and said she would provide more information to the Executive Committee as it became available.

Wettemann also discussed the proposed redistricting map drawn up by the Republican Party. M. Lottman commented that their plan is totally against the purpose of redistricting- that this will get rid of all the different points of view. She stated she had made a donation to the TNDP redistricting fund and that the party was likely to sue over these maps. All of Cheatham County will be moved to District 7.

Events Committee:  R. Fiedler and J. Jaworski reported on the pet food drive. It appears about 500 lbs of food has been collected.  The pet food collected was dropped off at the Animal Shelter by J. Jaworski, R. Fiedler, K. Stell and L. McGee. Pictures were taken and provided to L. Newcomb and to M. Lottman for publicity articles/our newsletter.

Elections Committee:  E. Roser reported that she is qualifying to run for the School Board in District 5.  She clarified that Democrats (and others) will be running as independents. She said R. Philipp could be helpful with recruitment and outreach. J. Patrick said he is filing for School Board in District 1, his new district. R. Johnson has assisted J. Patrick and E. Roser with petition signatures and said he would be glad to assist any candidate.

Krystal James says she may run as an independent for state representative.  A fundraising letter will be going out to top 260 Cheatham County Democrats this week to raise money for the party. E. Roser will be resigning as Elections Committee chair.  The Republicans are having a primary election on May 3. The election for independents and the winners of the Republican primary will be on August 4. All candidates filing for positions will be on the Cheatham County Elections Commission web site. M. Wettemann stated she is putting information together on the Ashland City election which should be available soon.

Social/Print Media Committee: L. Newcomb said that Mailchimp, used for our CCDP email list, is a database. Other member contact data can be added to Mailchimp.

New Business: M. Wettemann reported that 3 members of the Executive Committee representing District 2- Peggy Kilgore, Jack Kilgore, and Randy Baker, have missed three consecutive meetings without being excused and therefore according to our new bylaws adopted in August 2021 are automatically expelled from the Executive Committee. She will send letters to these members informing them that they are no longer members of the Executive Committee; therefore, all positions in District 2 are vacant. M. Wettemann/ R. Fiedler moved that Mathew Binkley be appointed as a District 2 Representative on the Executive Committee. The motion carried.

Gerald Dooley complained that he had given the chair and secretary his new email in December but his email address had not been changed and he was not notified of the board meeting locations and times. M. Wettemann apologized and said she would immediately change his email and send the last two sets of minutes, and any absences would be excused.

Announcements: Krystle James mentioned two upcoming events- a Meet the Candidate event in LaVergne with Dr. Jason Martin invited and the February 11 ribbon cutting with the Chamber of Commerce at the new bus garage.   She volunteered to coordinate a meet the candidate event and had checked with the Hampton Inn in Ashland City concerning availability on July 7 or 14. L. Newcomb mentioned CCDP had previously hosted local all-candidate forums. R. Fiedler suggested an outdoor location.

  1. Roser/R. Fiedler moved to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

Submitted by Martha Wettemann, Secretary.

February 18, 2022