June 1, 2021 minutes

Cheatham County Democratic Party

Regular Monthly Meeting

June 1, 2021 online


Present: Lynn Newcomb (P), John Patrick (VP), Elena Roser (VP), Martha Wettemann (S),  Roger Marriott (T), Rick Johnson, Aric Storck, Karen Stell,  Kathryn Mitchem, Randy Fiedler, Gerard Dooley, Jessica Arthur,  Michael Lottman.

Absent and excused: Jane Crisp, Nicole Debaun-Phillips.

Absent:  Tony Gross.

Vacancies: District 2, (1); District 3, (1); District 4, (1); District 6, (1).**

Guests: Galen Gray.

Committee Sign-ups (committees are not limited to the Executive Committee):

Advocacy Committee: Jane Crisp, Nicole DeBaun-Phillips, Mike Lottman, Karen Stell, Martha Wettemann (chair).

Elections Committee: Kathryn Mitchem, Elena Roser (chair), Jane Crisp, Martha Wettemann, Jessica Arthur, John Patrick.

Events Committee (including Forums): Randy Fiedler, Roger Marriott (chair), Mike Lottman, John Patrick, Linda McGee

Social/Print Media: Karen Stell, Mike Lottman

Nominating: L. Newcomb, E. Roser, R. Johnson, M. Wettemann.

Call to order: Chair L. Newcomb called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m., followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Attendance: A quorum was present.

Approval of Minutes and Agenda for the Meeting:  J. Patrick/R. Marriott moved to accept the minutes with the deletion of the committee list. The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: R. Marriott reported the current balance of $3,611.64 with several checks in the Post Office box not yet recorded.  Donations are accepted by check (CCDP, Box 414, Ashland City 37015) and Act Blue(https://secure.actblue.com/donate/cheatham).

Chair’s Report: Chair Newcomb reported the following:

  • Chair Newcomb discussed potential locations for the County Reorganization meeting (to be held the weekend of August 14-15 or 20-21). Locations under consideration included Marrowbone Brewing (available August 15, not 14; fee of $500); Senior Center; party room at the Braxton. (Previous suggestions included county McCullough Room). She will be asking people to be on committees for the convention, which includes the opportunity to change our bylaws. The state party has sent suggested bylaws, including removing the requirement that each precinct have a man and a woman representative and removing at-large positions. She suggested adding a Young Democrats representative to the Executive Committee. The state party needs to approve the bylaws. The July 6 CCDP meeting will be Blueberry Jubilee in person at the farm of John Patrick, 2016 Valley View Road in Joelton. Potluck- bring a dish, lawn chair, and pick some blueberries!   Patrick will send directions from Ashland City and Pleasant View.  CCDP Chair Hendrell Remus has been invited to attend.

Nominating Committee: R. Marriott will not be running for treasurer at the reorganization in August.

Events Committee: R. Fiedler discussed needs for Summerfest in Ashland City (June 8-12, 6-10 p.m.) He had a bike accident and will need assistance in setting up the tents. R. Marriott/A.Storck moved that CCDP spend $200 to buy 800 American flags to distribute at Summerfest and the Pegram parade. Motion carried. R. Fiedler, M. Lottman, R. Marriott, E. Roser, A. Storck, and M. Wettemann volunteered to work at the booth, and E. Roser to provide written materials. Constitutions will be available.

The Pegram 4th of July parade and picnic will be July 3. K. Stell will provide her truck and a trailer, and we will have a booth. Volunteers needed.

Advocacy Committee:   J. Patrick reported there are 3 options for using ESSER funds for solar in the schools, ranging from $600,000 to $50,000. Dr. Beck had a recent meeting with staff discussing $250,000 for teacher bonuses in the second draft ESSER budget. Under discussion is solar at the Northern Cluster in Pleasant View. Cheatham County got an $800,000 grant for CTE at Central High School. The State gave more guidance on contract categories which would allow photovoltaic electric power systems to be approved. (The new budget deadline for ESSER funds is August 27, 2021).

Submitted by: Martha Wettemann, Secretary.