December 7, 2021 minutes

Cheatham County Democratic Party

Regular Monthly Meeting

December 7, 2021, Zoom


Present: Aric Storck (P), John Patrick (VP), Elena Roser (VP), Martha Wettemann (S), Karen Stell (T), Lynn Newcomb (PP). Dist. 1, Prec. 1: Galen Gray, Rick Johnson.  Dist. 3: Ryan Philipp, Lynn Seifert.  Dist. 4: Linda McGee, Dennis Barnes.  Dist. 5, Prec, 1,2: Randy Fiedler, Joanne Jaworski, Beth Ervin.  Dist. 6, Prec. 6-1:  Jan Morrison, Michael Lottman.

Absent: Dist. 2, Prec. 2-2: Peggy Kilgore, Jack Kilgore (ill), Randy Baker, Dennis Barnes, Gerald Dooley.

Excused: Roger Marriott (OOT), Kathryn Mitchem.

Guests: Lisa Walker.

Committees: (committees are not limited to the Executive Committee):

Advocacy Committee: Martha Wettemann (chair), Rick Johnson, John Patrick, Linda McGee.

Elections Committee: Elena Roser (chair), Kathryn Mitchem (phone banking), John Patrick, Martha Wettemann, Jan Morrison.

Events Committee (including Forums): Randy Fiedler (chair), Michael Lottman, Roger Marriott, Lynn Newcomb, Ryan Philipp (event planning/coordination), Karen Stell, Linda McGee.

Social/Print Media: Michael Lottman (print chair), Karen Stell (web site chair)(advocacy posting on web site), Beth Ervin (social media).

Nominating: L. Newcomb, Elena Roser (co-chairs). Membership/recruitment- Ryan Philipp.

Federation of Democratic Women:  Lynn Newcomb (chair), Joanne Jaworski.

Call to order: Chair A. Storck called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m., followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Attendance: A quorum was present.

Approval of Minutes and Agenda for the Meeting. The November minutes were corrected to read: “A grant has been submitted to TVA for a solar installation at a Cheatham County high school for a 50 kw system with 20 year maintenance.” With this change, E. Roser/K. Stell moved to accept the minutes as corrected. The motion carried.   M. Lottman requested a list of Executive Committee members be sent to the Executive Committee which will be done by the secretary.

Treasurer’s Report: K. Stell reported that current balance was $3,008.04. Significant expenditures in October were for Three Star dinner and Safe Haven. She is still waiting for some reimbursements to the party from the Three Star Dinner.  A thank you letter from Safe Haven will be posted on the web site.

Committee Reports

Advocacy Committee: The statement “Anti-Life Republicans Pass Deathly Covid-19 Legislation” outlining the very dangerous threats to public health of legislation passed in the recently held Special Session  called by Tennessee Republican legislators was submitted by E. Roser  to the Cheatham County Exchange and they printed it.  J. Patrick reported for Shine on Cheatham that the grant for a solar installation at Sycamore Hish School had passed the TVA external review; whether it received final approval should be known within two weeks.

Elections Committee:

Results for the December 4 election were reported as per the Cheatham County election web site:

Ward 1 Councilman:

Jane Crisp   122    42.36 %

Tony Young 166    57.64%

Ward 2 Councilman:

Tim Adkins   165    56.90 %

Nicole Binkley 125   43.10%

Ward 3 Councilman:

Roger Jackson 115   42.91% (incumbent)

Kevin Thompson 153 57.09%

There were 291 total ballots of a total of 3,185 registered voters.

  1. Roser and others discussed suggestions about future elections: better messaging, candidates filing earlier, more lead time to work on the election, needing to focus on the past voters, limited time for early voting (not convenient for commuters), and the fact that the city did not promote the election as it has in the past, lack of media coverage. Resources which could be available: The DP County Chairs Association has a team to train candidates; lists could be compiled of CCDP volunteers; texting could be used. E. Roser said the Election Committee can start putting together resources on what is available to help candidates. She Is also coordinating with Gracie about the Contest Every Race effort; that is being coordinated at the state party by LaTanya Millhouse. The effort is to locate and support candidates willing to run in local races.

Other comments were on the need to focus on other municipal races such as Pegram which is August 4. December 20 petitions can be picked up. There are 3 open seats for the school board.

Events Committee:

  1. Fielder reported that the parade went well and there was some interest from our flyers. Volunteers included Chair A. Storck, K. Stell, R. Fiedler, R. Philipp (flyers), L. McGee, and G. Gray.

Pet food collection boxes are available at the Chapmansboro (K. Stell monitor), Ashland City (L. McGee and J. Jaworski), Pegram (R. Fiedler), and Kingston Springs post offices; R. Philipp will ask at Pleasant View. Flyer will indicate post offices as drop-off locations.  Collection of pet food will continue through the first weekend in January.

Social Media Committee:

  1. Newcomb is currently posting events. She also has Mailchimp set up for mass emails (to our email list). Mailchimp can be used to produce graphics and pictures and do a newsletter. Also individuals can update and unsubscribe. B. Ervin said she will need training.

Nominating Committee: No report.

Old Business:

By consensus it was decided to move the “Drop-in for Democrats” at the Marrowbone to December 15 at 6 p.m. L. Newcomb and B. Ervin will put this on social media.

New Business-Elections:

  1. Johnson/L. Seifert moved to have Lisa Walker be appointed the Pleasant View precinct representative. The motion carried.

New Business:

The state Democratic Party emailed all counties asking them to request primaries or caucuses for school board elections since the Republican Party recently passed a law allowing primary elections for school board.  E. Roser said the Cheatham County Election administrator said we had until December 10 to request a caucus but that we could not request a primary since we had not previously requested any before for 2022. After discussion, J. Patrick/E. Roser moved that we move on [from this issue].  Discussion continued. R. Johnson called for the question. The motion carried.  A vote was then taken on the original motion. The motion carried.

Chair Storck noted the importance of CCDP making our voice heard about the issues.

A motion was made by R. Johnson/B. Ervin to adjourn. The motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 7:53 p.m.

Submitted by Martha Wettemann, Secretary.

December 18, 2021