Democrats. The real pro-life party.

Republicans Fail to Remember that Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, or Any Lives Matter:
Democrats Are the New Pro-Life Party

Although Republicans have long claimed to be the pro-life and family values party, what evidence is there that this is true? Looking at the record in Tennessee, let’s compare the actions and the positions of the so-called pro-life Republicans with those of the Democrats in the recent legislative session.

Expanding Healthcare Coverage Support Medicaid expansion, which could provide healthcare coverage to more than 300,000 Tennesseans who currently have no access. Those who have lost employment in the pandemic also now lack healthcare access. Expansion of Medicaid in other states has not caused negative effects on their budgets. Pro-life Have failed this session and in previous sessions to even consider Medicaid expansion, even when Gov. Haslam favored it, leaving those with life-threatening medical conditions to die due to lack of treatment and needed medication. Anti-life
Healthcare for New Mothers Supported extension of post-partum care for new low-income mothers to one year when evidence showed this to be an important lifesaving measure. Pro-life Removed funding from the state budget, preferring to maintain Tennessee’s ranking as a leader in maternal death rates. Anti-life
Pandemic Protections for Voters Support no-fault absentee voting, allowing any registered voter concerned about becoming ill or dying from the coronavirus pandemic to request an absentee ballot and vote by mail. As of July 5,Tn has 48,712 cases of Covid-19 and 663 deaths. Nashville had 608 new cases on July 3.Cheatham County has had 225 cases and 1 death. Pro-life Failed to support this measure in the legislature. Supported Attorney General Slattery immediately filing an appeal (June 9) to reverse the court decision (June 6 ) allowing no-fault voting, with Slattery requesting an immediate reversal before the August 6 primary election. Anti-life
Permitless Carry Opposed weakening common sense protections that require permits and training for gun owners. Pro-life Proposed that anyone, anytime, anywhere should be able to carry a gun in public, without completing any training. Anti-life
Common Sense Health Protections During a Worldwide Pandemic Support actions to open the economy based on data showing that coronavirus cases in Tennessee are not increasing. Pro-life Support “opening the economy” without mask wearing even though cases are increasing, putting more lives in danger. Anti-life
Death Penalty Support looking carefully at death penalty cases, knowing  that minorities and the mentally ill have disproportionately  been sentenced to death. Pro-life Supported Attorney General Slattery speeding up the executions of those on death row in Tennessee. Anti-life
Feeding the Hungry Favor increasing  food stamp payments and coverage during a time of massive job loss in Tennessee when people are forced to depend on  food banks so their families don’t starve. Pro-life In 2019, proposed making work requirements stricter so fewer people including children would be able to continue their benefits. Anti-life
Increasing Workers’ Wages Advocate for efforts to raise the minimum wage,  making it possible for families to need less government aid and support their families. Pro-life Oppose all efforts to raise the minimum wage,  reducing family resiliency and resulting in higher death rates for low-income workers. Anti-life

Can the Republican Party claim to be the pro-life party in Tennessee when it favors laws that are sure to increase poverty, illness, and rates of death in Tennessee, especially for black, brown, and low-income white families? Not any more. The Democratic Party of Tennessee is the new pro-life party vigorously supporting the rights of families to live, survive, and thrive in Tennessee, while the Republicans block family advancement an every turn.

Healthcare is a right to life
Reducing hunger is a right to life
Voting without fear of illness or death is a right to life

Support your right to life. Vote Democratic.
You have the right to life in Tennessee. Vote Democratic.