Had enough yet, America?

America is under siege.  It is not safe to go to school, work, malls, theaters, concerts, hospitals……..     All because some people interpret the 2nd Amendment to our constitution to mean there should be absolutely no restrictions on weaponry.  We as a society have decided to prohibit the owning of automatic weapons, grenades, tanks, rocket launchers.  And this is correct.  We need to add to that list any assault type weapons.  These are military weapons.  And in the military, soldiers are required to be trained on the safe and responsible us of these guns. The purpose of these weapons is to kill people quickly and efficiently as might be needed in war.

Republicans cannot even agree that there should be universal background checks.  They think it is okay for anyone to go to a gun show and come out with an AR-15.  And 18 year olds can buy an AR-15 but cannot buy a six pack of beer.  If we do not think 18 year olds can responsibly handle alcohol, why do we think they can responsibly handle a gun?

Our enumerated rights are not without limits.  The first amendment does not protect individuals who engage in slander or libel.  The first phrase of the second amendment clearly states “a well regulated Militia….” .

If you have had enough, are scared to send your kids to school, make your voice heard.  Call your representative.  Attend a march.  On June 11 at 11:00 am at Public Square Park in Nashville, Moms Demand Action will stage a march for reasonable, sensible gun legislation.   Join in, be part of the solution.