Let’s power Cheatham County Schools with solar energy!

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Cheatham County School District can be a Solar Champion by installing solar panels to supplement our energy usage. Solar power in schools will not only save money, but also provide a solar training program for our students, and add resilience to maintain our operations.

With a tax-free commitment to solar energy, Cheatham County can:

  1. BUDGET SAVINGS – By using COVID relief funds to invest in energy efficiency, schools can turn a one-time investment of federal funds into a stream of ongoing budget savings. Schools can achieve significant reductions in energy usage, generating budget savings that can be used to fund more district services, instructional resources, and learning.
  2. ENHANCE LEARNING – On-campus solar energy projects serve as laboratories for students to gain real world experience in applied science, technology, and engineering.  An additional CTE (Career Technical Education) program will be included.
  3. BUILD COMMUNITY RESILIENCE – Solar, plus the battery storage, can provide power and light to help develop a school resilience plan to improve preparedness, maintain operations, provide continuity of services to the community at large during long-term closures, including how to provide meals.

Sign the petition to encourage Cheatham County School District to make a commitment to solar energy! Contact your School Board and County Commissioners!