Oppose Gov. Lee’s Attempt to Push Charter Schools on All Counties (And Make Local School Districts Pay!)

HB. 2833 will be in the TN House Education Instruction Committee on Tuesday Feb. 15. This bill is very dangerous government overreach on the part of state government which gives charter school corporations the ability to bypass local school boards and file applications to operate directly to the State Charter School Commission.
Why oppose this bill?
  • It takes away control over charter school authorizations and operations from local school officials, who are responsible for the education of students in their school districts.
  • Charter schools will be able to get grants for facilities costs under an LEA authorizer facilities grant fund. Facilities grants are NOT available to traditional public schools.
  • It privatizes public school assets which local taxpayers have paid for without compensation. Even though local school districts don’t approve a charter, the charter school can still increase costs to the local school districts.
  • Research has shown that charter schools don’t do a better job of educating students than public schools; in fact, they can do a worse job.
  • Money would flow to charter school operators (who could be out of state) but not provide a benefit to students.
Amazingly, this bill would allow charter school corporations to lease without cost or buy for $1 local school facilities deemed “underutilized.” If there was outstanding debt on the facility, the SCHOOL DISTRICT would be responsible, and they would ALSO be responsible for the cost of repairs that exceed $50,000.
ACTION: Email these representatives today with the message: OPPOSE HB2833!