Representative Jim Cooper’s views on the infrastrucure bill

This is a response from Rep. Cooper to a Cheatham county Democrat:


I support President Biden’s American Jobs and American Families Plans. This is a colossal effort by the Administration to create a new economy and build a better future for everybody—it is several times larger than FDR’s New Deal. The American Rescue Plan that was signed into law will be a big help, too—among other things, it will cut child poverty in half and lift nearly 12 million people out of poverty.

The infrastructure and jobs bill is a historic investment in our declining infrastructure systems. I applaud President Biden for negotiating this bipartisan bill through a difficult Senate and look forward to voting on it in the House soon.

I am also eager for the House and Senate to complete work on the American Families Plan, also known as the Build Back Better agenda. There is a lot in this bill, including investments to lower the costs of childcare, provide paid family leave, provide universal pre-K, lower prescription drug costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, lower health care premiums, extend the Child Tax Credit, expand affordable housing resources, fight climate change, and more. These investments are urgent and are long overdue.

I look forward to staying in touch as we work to help Tennessee’s families.


Jim Cooper
Member of Congress