Tennessee Attorney General wastes taxpayer dollars joining frivolous Texas lawsuit

From a guest contributor:


CCDP Believe It or Not!

Our erstwhile Tennessee Attorney General, Herbert Slattery, has joined 16 other states in a Texas lawsuit before the Supreme Court saying they were damaged by the way other states conducted their elections. 

Specifically, Texas is suing four states- Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin- to have all their votes (20 million) thrown out! They argue that in Pennsylvania some votes were allowed to be counted after election day. However, two of the suing states, Kansas and Mississippi, did that very same thing. They argue that states’ executive officials should not issue voting rules. But the state which filed this lawsuit, Texas, did that very thing by extending the early voting period.

The lawsuit was filed by the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who in 2015 was arrested for three felony securities fraud charges which are still unresolved, and who this October was accused by his own employees of bribery and abuse of office. This is now being investigated. People speculate he is seeking a pardon from Trump.

Who in Tennessee approved us joining this frivolous lawsuit and wasting taxpayer dollars that could better be spent helping people in our state in desperate situations due to the coronavirus? This nonsense needs to stop. The election is over.