TN Republicans redraw congressional districts in an attempt to tighten the GOP grip on power

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January 12, 2022:


Brit Bender, Executive Director

Tennessee Democratic Party

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TNDP Calls Out TN Republicans On Unfair, Gerrymandered Maps

Today, Tennessee Republican legislators presented their official maps for Tennessee’s US House districts. These maps displayed Republicans’ clear, intentional strategy to divide cities and communities to protect their own interests. Most egregious is the division of Davidson County into three congressional districts. The maps also include splits in Shelby County, Williamson County, and several others.

“We’ve known for months that this Republican controlled legislature would go to any lengths to tighten the GOP grip on power. For them, this is not about drawing districts that improves equal representation for Tennesseans, it’s about drawing districts that feed their craving for political power.” – Hendrell Remus, Chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party

Tennessee Republicans have embraced the city-splitting strategy that has been the go-to tactic for Republicans across the country this cycle. They know that it dilutes the power of strong Democratic cities, making businesses, local governments, and residents dependent on leaders who vehemently disagree with the politics that guide progressive cities like Nashville.

“Once again, this Republican legislature has failed Tennessee, and we’re prepared to take them to court where their actions have been struck down time and again.” Brit Bender, Executive Director of the Tennessee Democratic Party

This strategy divides communities and neighborhoods and isolates citizens from true representation. Republican legislators consistently fail to realize that these maps don’t just impact elections, they impact the vitality of our communities and the lives of the real people who depend on them.

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