TN Republicans’ totally partisan district maps signed by Gov. Lee

TNDP responds:


Governor Bill Lee has signed the Republicans’ ILLEGAL maps into law, which means we are taking them to court.

North Carolina and Ohio have been able to successfully overturn their Republican legislatures’ gerrymandered district lines, and that’s what we are planning on doing here in Tennessee, Martha. These maps suppress Tennesseeans, stripping tens of thousands of their voice in Congress and in our State Legislature — rigging the system for themselves for the next decade.

The Republicans’ gerrymandering is so shocking that The Guardian called their district lines “a masterclass in election rigging.”

A lawsuit is our only recourse in the fight to maintain democracy in Tennessee. Tennessee Democrats don’t give up, and we are going to give it our all in court against the power hungry Republicans who continue to rig the system in their favor.

We have to win — can I count on you to chip in now to help us mount a successful lawsuit against them?

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Tennesseans deserve better than the Republican leadership that has stifled progress in our state for years. Everyone deserves a voice in our government, and we aren’t going to stop until one person = one vote in Tennessee.

Tennessee Democrats don’t quit — Can I count on you to help us win against Tennessee Republicans in court?

Democracy is on the line. Tennessee Republicans, we’ll see you in court.