Officers and Members of the CCDP Executive Committee



Chair: Aric Storck, [email protected], 321-591-3981

Past Chair:  Lynn Newcomb, [email protected]; 615-419-5610

1st Vice Chair:  Elena Roser, [email protected]; 850-830-1276

2nd Vice Chair:  John Patrick, [email protected]; 615-480-2786

Secretary:  Martha Wettemann, [email protected]; 615-584-0672

Treasurer: Karen Stell, [email protected]; 615-426-7012



1:  Galen Gray, [email protected], 615-686-5442.  Rick Johnson, [email protected], 615-417-4878.  Roger Marriott, [email protected], 615-636-1967.

2:  Mathew Binkley, [email protected], 615-498-8874.  Peggy Kilgore, n/a, Randy Baker, [email protected]  Jack Kilgore, n/a.

3:  Ryan Philipp, [email protected], 615-693-3191.  Lynn Seifert, [email protected], 719-252-5837.  Lisa Walker, [email protected], 615-202-5369.

4:  Dennis Barnes, [email protected], 931-206-6283.  Linda McGee, [email protected], 865-766-9788.

5: Randy Fiedler, [email protected], 615-646-*7965.  Joanne Jaworski, [email protected], 615-649-2610.  Beth Ervin, [email protected], 615-218-9949,

Kathryn Mitchem, [email protected], 615-792-3534.

6:  Jan Morrison, [email protected], 6125-957-2826.  Gerald Dooley, [email protected], 615-952-2367.  Mike Lottman, [email protected], 615-714-2702.


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